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Human Rights-Based Development


Our HRBD educational projects allow for neighbourhoods in marginalised areas to access their basic educational rights,
as guaranteed within the UN SDGs. We provide capacity building educational programs to ensure that every individual
has access to the basic rights which they are entitled to as a human being, and to contribute towards making a fairer and
better world. These projects work to create a basis for the ‘independent growth’ and empowerment objectives of Human
Asia’s development projects, and encourage continuous circles of social contribution and community involvement in the future.

Functional Literacy

Human Asia provides literacy classes supporting people of poorer economic
backgrounds to learn to read and see the world in a new light.
  • Philippines Literacy Program for Mothers and Children (coming soon)

Human Rights-Friendly Education

We provide human rights classes for children and adults, and human rights-friendly
educational capacity building workshops for teachers.
  • SNEHA School in India
  • Domestic and international workshops

Educational Support Programs for Refugees and Migrants

Human Asia provides high quality educational programs to marginalised communities
to guarantee the right to education for all. Diverse activities within the programs encourage
participants to grow into rounded members of society. Children and adults from various
backgrounds can improve their understanding of human rights, alongside their subjectivity
and creativity skills through fun and engaging activities.
  • Chaka Education Support Project in Arunachal Pradesh, India
  • Human Asia’s Children School, Giggle Giggle Workshop

Children’s Centres and Libraries

We provide welfare facilities for marginalised communities.
  • Human Library in Nepal, Jum Library, Jumma Mini Library

Support for Student Supplies

We provide students with supplies such as books, textbooks, school uniforms, gym clothes and backpacks.
  • Laos Vision Hill school
  • Support for primary schools in Vietnam
  • Nepal Children’s Center


We award students in need with financial support for their studies.
  • India, Laos, Nepal, Vietnam


We hold campaigns and exhibitions to educate and raise awareness on human rights issues.
We also raise funds for our educational projects.
  • Sungui School’s Hurasia Laos Campaign, high school students’ Human Rights Contest
  • Dream for Laos Concert