The Community Empowerment Project (CEP)

  • We support self-reliance and economic stability
    for communities living in extreme poverty.
  • Our monthly sponsors provide ongoing sustainable support for local families
Our Programs
The Mindoro Empowerment Project the Philippines

Human Rights-Based Development

The Community Empowerment Project (CEP)

The Community Empowerment Project seeks to plant ‘empowerment seeds’ for families and communities living in
extreme poverty and poor surroundings. The empowerment seeds lay the foundation for independence and prosperity in
different areas of development programs. When used together with the empowerment gye and ‘watered’, the seeds of the
project provide a long-term basis of self-reliance for all members of the community.

The Mindoro Empowerment Project

This project seeks to support and empower the Manyang people, an ethnic minority living in the severely poor villages of
Amnay, Pyumpon, and Mangahan, in the Mindoro Islands of the Philippines. By establishing connections between
Manyang families and sponsors, the project helps to create a basis for self-independence and empowerment in these
communities. Human Asia seeks to establish the basis for self-independence and empowerment within a given target
period by helping Manyang families.

What is an ‘empowerment seed’?

  • An empowerment seed is a fixed amount of financial support distributed every month from a sponsor to a household
  • Each empowerment program will be individually customised and have its own unique time implementation period, to best suit the given community and family
  • Using the empowerment gye, the seed will promote communal cooperation and independent financial management skills
  • Through the promise of ‘regular watering’, the seed will encourage active participation and involvement from the community

The empowerment gye

  • The project will then use the empowerment gye, a traditional Korean private money pool
  • The gye will promote the long-term empowerment of the community members and the community as a whole
  • Representatives from each family will come together to operate the gye system
  • Once a month, the empowerment seeds from each family will be gathered and distributed to one family. Each family will take turns receiving the lump sum
  • This allows for families to accumulate large sums of money despite originally receiving smaller sponsorship funds
  • In order for the gye system function smoothly and effectively, each member of the community monitors the use of the gye and in some cases, will work together with other families to decide how the funds can best be utilized to achieve their set goals

Watering the seed

  • After analysing each of their own immediate difficulties, the families will select the problem deemed to be most urgent and obstructive to their long-term self-independence
  • Using the empowerment gye system, the empowerment seeds are used to work on solving the selected problem and achieving individual goals
    I.e.: For the Mindoro Empowerment Project in the Philippines, we aim to support the community for a two year period. Over the course of 24 months, each family will receive the gye pool three times. The families can use the funds they receive at these times to address three different daily problems unique to their household.
  • Repeating this process and allowing the families to directly choose the issues that are most pressing to them should result in ongoing active participation from these communities

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