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Introducing Human Asia's Interns!

  • 2020.11.17
  • Admin

We would like to introduce our new interns, who will be working with our International Coordination Team from November until April 2021.



           Seongjun (James) Lee

Hello! My name is Seongjun Lee (James) and I will be working as a Project Intern for the International Cooperation Team of Human Asia. With rapid technological and scientific development, various social problems that were unthinkable in the past have become our reality.

In order to solve the various problems presented by modern society, close and nimble cooperation is essential not only between NGOs, but also people and governments, businesses and activists alike. As a Project Intern for Human Asia’s International Cooperation Team, I will do my best to carry out work with communication and cooperation, helping to achieve Human Asia's vision and mission of shining the light of human rights to Asia and the world. Also, I will try to work together steadily so that we can all coexist in a better world.



Minju Demi Kim 

Hi, my name is Minju. Minju means democracy in Korean; so my English name’s Demi.

I am a new intern of HumanAsia for A2M and EAYAN Networking projects. As a kid who always got in trouble for reading past bedtime, I’ve loved learning and writing about different stories about the world. With the journalistic ambition to know more about social issues and let people around me get to know the news better, I was hugely inspired with Malala Yousafzai’s advocacy for education rights in 2010. Since then, I’ve been building my own career path that could converge my interest in human rights and multimodal communication skills.I’m mainly interested in gender-based human rights, especially on the relationship between education disparities and different genders. I’m also studying migrant issues and rights of refugees.