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[Video Discussion] IT, Human Rights and COVID-19 by Changrok Soh, President of Human Asia

  • 2020.07.28
  • Admin


Korea has been considered as the country best in handling COVID-19. Its swift response of the coronavirus resulted from its efficient use of technology, excellent medical staff, and mature citizenship based on community spirit. These factors have greatly contributed to successfully combating COVID-19. Despite these successes, however, a myriad of subsequent problems have remained neglected and unsolved: including various types of discrimination against minorities and human rights violations.

The Korea-EU CSO Network kindly invited Changrok Soh, President of Human Asia, to talk on his opinions on ICT technology and human rights amid the COVID-19 crisis. President Changrok Soh has experienced the national quarantine system, having previously been a COVID-19 confirmed patient. Along with his unique experiences of overcoming the coronavirus, President Soh talked about privacy violations and other controversial issues including social stigma and rampant discrimination against patients, and the use of electronic wristband with a tracking function to contain the further spread of COVID-19.

Watch the video here: