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It's World Health Day!


Donation to Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network (2020.04.01)

On March 19, Human Asia delivered - 40 backpacks for the new semester (Jansport, individual support) - 40 Immunity-boosting Propolis Candy (individual support) to Eun Hee Kim, President of the Daegu Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association, through the Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network (KUMSN). KUMSN is a non-profit corporation that improves the societal stereotypes and discrimination toward unwed mothers and their children, and develops various activities to support their basic rights as prominent members of our society. Human Asia has been donating to this cause through KUMSN since 2018. We also encourage diverse corporations and individuals to come together against other types of discrimination through donations to protect fundamental human rights. +) Our gifts were met with excitement by children who haven’t been able to feel the usual buzz of the new semester from COVID-19 by social distancing at home! :)


3.31 International Transgender Day of Visibility


International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

March 21 is the UN-designated International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We present the joint statement to share the meaning and significance of this day to all. Link: #InternationalDayForTheEliminationOfRacialDiscrimination #AntiRacism #FightRacism #EndRacism #StopRacism #WorldAgainstRacism


Joint Statement on 2020 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

The assembly and march on the Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination held in March every year had to be canceled unfortunately this year due to the spread of COVID-19. However, racism still exists in our society. This indicates that the task of eliminating racism has not disappeared yet. Accordingly, respective groups who were preparing for the Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination, including Gyeonggi Immigration Service, Refugee Network, Foreign Workers' Union, Migrants' Joint Action, and the Anti-Discrimination Law Enforcement Solidarity, intend to announce a joint statement to inform the meaning of this day. Joint Statement on 2020 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination “We Are Here Now!” #World_Against_Racism March 21 is the 54th anniversary of the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. In commemoration of this day, there are many antiracial discrimination rallies and marches planned to take place around the world. Due to the current corona virus (COVID-19) situation, we replace our rally with this statement. We pray for a world without racism and send solidarity to those who are fighting against racism around the world. More than 2.5 million immigrants live in Korea: yet they suffer from racist policies and misconceptions. Undocumented immigrants are constantly injured and killed during detention and at foreigner “shelters”. The government is enforcing a misguided prejudice that paints immigrants with a “dine and dash” attitude towards national health insurance. The government is currently charging immigrants with higher insurance rates compared to native residents. Employment permits, which prohibit workplace movements, cause more than 6 times the number of industrial accidents among immigrant workers than among other native workers. Many immigrant women suffer from violence and sexual assault by their husbands, facilitated by a system that allows husbands to influence immigrant women’s marital status. Refugees suffer from employment restrictions and false interpretation during their screening process. The basic rights of immigrant children are stripped away as they are prohibited from birth registrations Immigrants are more vulnerable to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Because there is no structural system that translates and efficiently delivers the daily updated health information, it is difficult for immigrants to stay safe and receive resources. Even the province of Daegu has refused to distribute masks to foreigners. There have been concerns about rising prejudices and discrimination against the immigrant communities caused by the COVID-19 situation. Chinese nationals and Chinese Koreans have been victims of hate, discrimination, exclusion, and unjust layoffs. In the meantime, the ruling political party is trying to introduce the “Foreigner Accommodation Reporting System”. The proposed system aims to strengthen control over the immigrant population and reinforce biases against the target community. In the West, COVID-19 has provided people with false justifications to express their explicit racism against Asian immigrants. All UN committees, including that of civil liberties, social rights, children’s rights, rights of persons with disabilities, and elimination of discrimination against women, have repeatedly advised that racial discrimination be eradicated. In December 2018, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination warned Korea of its worsening state of racial discrimination. It also pointed out that immigrants are a driving force of Korea’s wealth: yet they do not share any of the same social benefits as the native residents. This demonstrates the hierarchal discrimination that Korea adopts based on race, skin colour, nationality, and social class. Last year, immigrant women set out to protest in response to two cases of racial discrimination: the case of derogatory remarks against children of multicultural families at Iksan market and the case of physical assault on Vietnamese immigrant women. The protests quickly raised social concerns regarding problems faced by immigrant women. In 2019, the government celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Employment Permit System (EPS), congratulating itself on its work. Yet, the immigrant workers’ rallies calling for the abolition of EPS exposed the true agonizing nature of those 15 years. Meanwhile, the Lulendo family, who had been detained for 287 days at Incheon International Airport, was happy to finally enter the country thanks to the support of numerous organizations, lawyers, and individuals. This allows us to recognize how important the voices and solidarity of the people are in fighting racism. Thus, we shout together to spread this voice and solidarity! -Out with Racism and Race-Based Hate! NO RACISM! - Establish a Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Law! - Stop with Deportation and Human Hunting! - Stop with Detention and Foreigner “Shelters”! - Allow Work Permit System, Not Employment Permit System! - Stop Forced Labour! - Ensure Workplace Safety for Immigrants! - Out with Hatred towards Chinese and Chinese Koreans! - Guarantee Rights of Stay to Immigrant Women Survivors of Gender Violence! - Ensure Rights of Labour and Survival to Refugee Communities! - Out with Biased Unjust Immigration Screening Process! - Ensure the Basic Rights of Immigrant Children! - No Corona Racism! March 20, 2020 Korea Refugee Rights, Gyeonggi Alliance for Migrants Rights, Joint Committee with Migrants in KOREA, Alliance for Migrants’ Equality and Human Rights, South Korean Coalition for Anti-discrimination Legislation


International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (60th Anniversary of the Sharpevile Massacre)

Human Asia dreams of a world without discrimination ✨ #antiracism #fightracism #endracism #stopracism #worldagainstracism


Fighting COVID-19 together with Jumma Refugees (Total donation of 1.2 million won) (2020.03.11)

While the nation is struggling with the onset of COVID-19, refugees/immigrants in Korea have been actively helping Korean society, to reciprocate for the hospitality they have received here in the past. The Jumma People’s Network - Korea (JPNK), which is Gimpo Jumma Refugee Community, has also joined to support. JPNK started showing their support by helping with the Ethiopian refugee society. The summary of their statement is as follows. 1. We actively participate in the basic precautionary efforts. 2. We volunteer ourselves to where manpower is required, such as in blood donation, medical assistance, and etc. “Through this occasion, we would like to support and contribute ourselves to the Korean society that has welcomed us. Although our fundraising and the size of volunteering may be insignificant, we would like to share our courage by revealing that we are working together with Koreans.” Despite the difficult circumstances, through the above activities JPNK collected a total of 1.2 million won in donations (1st round 200,000 won, 2nd round 1 million won). Their fundraising activities initially began with the intention of spreading warmth and support by donating 1000~5000 won each: yet these good intentions eventually transformed into something more influential and meaningful. The donations will be used to help communities in need through the Red Cross. *Human Asia joined the Refugee Network in 2010 and has been working with JPNK since 2011. **Our staff at Human Asia are also participating in fundraising and taking preventative measures to limit the spread of the COVID-19. A call to all Foreigners Residing in Korea: Related article “We Will Help Fight COVID-19 in return for South Korea’s Warm Welcome”


Happy International Women's Day!

March 8 is International Women's Day!Human Asia will continue to work towards making an Asia and a world where people of all gender and sexes can live without discrimination. #eachforequal


CSR VS BHR (Similarities, Differences, and Mechanisms)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) vs business and human rights (BHR) - what’s the difference? ⠀For more information keep up with the Asian Business and Human Rights Center (link in bio)#businessandhumanrights #humanasia #humanrights #abhrc


Human Asia - Sorok Uni MOU

Human Asia signed an MOU with Sorok Uni Foundation, a local NGO in the Philippines, on 26 February, 2020 to carry out human rights-based development projects for the minority Mangyan communities of Mindoro Island. Sorok Uni Foundation was established on 25 April, 2002, and was founded by Jang Jae-joong, chairman of the Uni-Group, who has been in the shipping, mining, and trading businesses based in the Philippines. Sorok Uni is a combination of Sorokdo's Sorok and UNI, which means You and I. The Sorok Uni Foundation provides education, emergency relief, medicine, scholarship, and livelihood support to Hansen, the homeless, low-income people, and minorities in the Philippines. So far, about 400 scholars have been produced, and 5,000 homeless, child care facilities, and Hansen has benefited through Sorok Uni Foundation. Sorok Uni Foundation's local experience, know-how, and Human Asia's human rights-based development will meet to help both sponsors and beneficiaries participate as principal agents to achieve a better life. Official website:


First Research Report Session with UAEM Korea (2020.02.04)

On February 3 (Mon), Human Asia held the first research report session with UAEM Korea at Korea University, International Hall. Three UAEM Korea members, Human Asia staff, and three Advisory Committee members attended. This year’s Advisory Committee consisted of: Professor Hye-young Kwon (Mokwon University), Sylvia Park (Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs), Unni Karunakara (Yonsei University, Yale School of Public Health), and Seung-beom Hong (ISU Abxis). After a brief introduction to UAEM Korea's 2019 activities and 2020 plans, the students presented the first part of their research report, ‘Access to Orphan Drugs in Korea: A Blind Point in the Korean Health System’. The students received constructive feedback from the Advisory Committee to help them develop their current draft and incorporate their thoughts into their research. We would like to express our gratitude to the students who have made such progress with their research on access to medicines, and to the Advisory Committee for their time and feedback.


1st Giggle Giggle Workshop Progress Report (Exciting and productive…!) (2020.01.31)

Our Giggle Giggle workshop started with the aims of: learning creativity, independence, and human rights sensitivity through play, creating a more rights-friendly world During the 1st workshop, children from refugee/multicultural backgrounds took part in some exciting activities under the guidance of Miss Malma Divya, who donated her talents to our workshop! * All materials, snacks, etc used in this workshop are provided through donations from our sponsors. * Session 1: Making Our Own Clothes The children produced such different results from the same old T-shirt! This session allowed children to think outside the box and embrace diversity by appreciating difference, and moving away from thinking ‘different’ equals ‘wrong’. Session 2: The World of Possibilities Creating diverse and colourful images from individual scratch & sketches! Just as how these identical black papers transformed into various drawings, the children discovered that similar appearances do not limit the infinite possibilities that lie within! Session 3: My Imaginary Town Brainstorming sessions: what does my town need? Using recycled materials, the children created their own towns with their own imaginary facilities, such as: a protective army, welcoming and relaxing cafés, and even a shape-shifting wrestling ground! Session 4: ‘This is not a pipe’ After reading Rod Clement’s <Just Another Ordinary Day> (a book that sparks great imagination!), the children created their own versions of parts of the book. This session allowed for the children to experience and understand that things are never quite what they seem Session 5: Moving Pictures After watching Flipbook videos, the children made their own stories into flipbooks. Even though we had lots of our exciting stories, making and completing a flipbook turned out to be a lot harder than we imagined. (We encourage children to try again to make their own flip books one day if they have some time on their hands and are looking for something interesting to do!) Regardless of the (lack of) finished products, the children’s attempts to concentrate and their love for their work truly resembles that of an artist (at least to us! :) ) This concludes our progress report for the Giggle Giggle Workshop. We plan on continuing the other five sessions with lots of “giggles” and laughs. This is it for the Giggle Giggle Workshop progress report. We will proceed the rest of five sessions excitingly!

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