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Official Statement_ Welcoming Bucheon City Council’s Steps Towards ‘A World Without Discrimination’ (2020.04.29)

As a member of the Korea Refugee Rights Network, Human Asia supports the work activities of the network. The following statement was issued by domestic immigrant and refugee human rights organisations, with full support from Korea Refugee Rights Network. We hope that in accordance with the following, local government bodies including in Gimpo, where numerous migrants including Jumma refugees reside, will practice non-discriminatory policies in the near future. Here is the full statement: We welcome Bucheon City Council's steps towards ‘A World without Discrimination’! - Regarding the recent division by Bucheon City Council to grant basic disaster relief income to foreign residents - On April 29, Bucheon City Council announced that it had passed the 'Partial Amendment to the Disaster Basic Income Payment Ordinance for Bucheon City' in order to broaden the scope of disbursement of basic disaster income and secured further related necessary budgets in Bucheon. The ordinance stated that the purpose of the basic income for disasters in Bucheon City is to 'pay the basic income following national disasters to the citizens of Bucheon to help contribute to the stabilization of living, basic social rights, and the vitalization of the local economy.' The revision critically expanded payment eligibility; from ‘a person who is registered as a resident in the city’ to ‘marriage immigrants, permanent residents, and 'foreigners who are admitted that they need support from the mayor.’ Mayor Deokcheon Jang stated that such foreign residents include ‘all registered foreign citizens residing in Bucheon’. Accordingly, 43,217 registered foreigners in Bucheon, including permanent residents, marriage immigrants, Koreans with foreign citizenship, and migrant workers, can receive basic disaster relief as ‘Bucheon citizens.’ This is the first attempt to include non-Korean residents in national relief efforts, which is a very encouraging sign. Hate and discrimination against immigrants has been continually intensifying during the COVID-19 pandemic. Foreign residents have been discriminated against in the supply of masks and have further typically been excluded from the disaster relief basic income efforts. Non-Korean workers have been the first to be pushed out of the workplace with economic decline, although they have worked hard in each industry to upkeep and maintain Korean society. Therefore, this first attempt to include the majority of foreign residents within COVID-19 relief efforts is extremely meaningful. There are still areas of concern to address regarding the inclusion of all foreign residents. International students, for example, along with unregistered immigrants, are currently unable to claim the basic disaster relief income. We hope that Bucheon helps all members of its society overcome the crisis by distributing the income funds to all. Furthermore, we urge other local government bodies and the central government to follow in Bucheon’s footsteps and provide basic disaster relief income to all residents, Korean or otherwise. Crises and disasters can never be completely overcome when there remains exclusion and discrimination. To keep everyone safe, universal policies must be promoted. It is imperative to have social solidarity and ensure that no one is left out. 2020.04.29 National Immigrant Rights Organization


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The 64th Human Rights Workshop, “Pandemic and Human Rights: The Experience of COVID-19 to Korean Society and Human Rights Issues during the Disaster” (2020.04.20)

On Tuesday 20 April, Human Asia and SSK Human Rights Forum held the 64th Human Rights Workshop on the theme of “Pandemic and Human Rights: The Experience of COVID-19 to Korean Society and Human Rights Issues during the Disaster.” In accordance with national social distancing recommendations, the 64th SSK Workshop was held as an online workshop through Zoom, with Dr. Yoon-jung Joo, Senior Researcher at the Seoul National University Social Development Research Institute, as guest speaker. Through this workshop, Dr. Joo pointed out the following human rights issues within the pandemic situation: (1) problems regarding anti-China sentiment and stigmatization; (2) problems for vulnerable social groupS; and (3) issues regarding the degree of infringement on liberal rights caused by the location-tracking wristband. Furthermore, Dr. Joo emphasized the need for medical services against the spread of COVID-19 and human rights-based quarantine policies. She also pointed out the importance of measures for dealing with the post COVID-19 era, in which various new social problems may appear (including mass unemployment). In particular, she highlighted how to deal with the problem of the absence of human rights norms and governance models in disaster situations caused by the unprecedented spread of disease, and referred to the controversies regarding restrictions on privacy and freedom. You can view the 64th Human Rights Workshop again through the link below: Human Asia will continue to conduct various human rights activities despite the social and economic turmoil caused by the spread of the COVID-19. We believe that when various actors actively collaborate and cooperate, we can tackle and overcome global crises altogether. Human Asia will continue to actively respond to the spread of the COVID-19 through various civil rights advocacy and protection measures for citizens in the near future. Currently, Human Asia is hosting our Activism Through Art: Unite Against Corona Online Event to bring people together and promote a sense of comradery in these times of uncertainty. The event is open to all and anyone. We hope that many people participate to restore a sense of social solidarity and trust, and overcome the COVID-19 crisis as soon as possible together. For more information on the event, please click the link below. Thank you.


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It's World Health Day!


Donation to Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network (2020.04.01)

On March 19, Human Asia delivered - 40 backpacks for the new semester (Jansport, individual support) - 40 Immunity-boosting Propolis Candy (individual support) to Eun Hee Kim, President of the Daegu Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association, through the Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network (KUMSN). KUMSN is a non-profit corporation that improves the societal stereotypes and discrimination toward unwed mothers and their children, and develops various activities to support their basic rights as prominent members of our society. Human Asia has been donating to this cause through KUMSN since 2018. We also encourage diverse corporations and individuals to come together against other types of discrimination through donations to protect fundamental human rights. +) Our gifts were met with excitement by children who haven’t been able to feel the usual buzz of the new semester from COVID-19 by social distancing at home! :)

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