Every year, Human conducts a brief field study through which the organization observes critical human rights issues in a specific region, strengthening opportunities for cooperation with other organizations.



Human Asia visited Nepal in order to open its branch office intended for human rights enhancement oof the unprivileged like low-caste people, women and children. During the visit, Human Asia met with officers from National Human Rights Commission of Nepal to discuss about human rights situations in Nepal. In addition, many supplies including desks and chairs were donated to children Badikhel as a humanitarian aid. With the branch office open in Nepal Human Asia is now more apt to improve living conditions of those needy people in Nepal.



During its visit to Bangladesh, Human Asia to promote recognition of the human rights of Rohingya refugees, created a report on their situation, and discussed projects that could be initited in conjunction with local groups, it also looked around the camps there and studied the conditions in which Rohinya refugees live.



Human Asia donated school uniforms to underprivileged children in Vietnam based on a list released by the Ministry of Education and Training. In addition, proceeds from the English Human Rights Essay Contest were used to provide books to primary schools in Quang Nam Province in Central Vietnam.


2009-Japan and Vietnam

Human Asia went to Tokyo and Toyama Prefecture, Japan, where the human rights situation is similar to that in Korea and tried to learn more about migrant worker policy there. To support migrant workers, it also tries to build a cooperative system with NGO groups there. Additionally, Human Asia held the 6th and 7th Youth Human Rights Activists Workshop along with other international NGO groups, including Human Rights Watch, YMCA, Waseda University, and several government decision-making bodies in Toyama.

Medical supplies were also donated as humanitarian assistance to primary schools in Quang Nam, where anti-Korean sentiment is strong as the province was the site of ferocious battles between Korean and Vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam War.



Human Asia visited Forum Asia, ECPAT International, Save the Children, and ILO in Thailand. In an effort to prepare for the 3rd Asia Human Rights Forum, it also conducted research and contacted potential panel members.



Human Asia visited Mae Sot, locally known as ‘little Burma;, along the Thai-Burmese border and developed relations with advocacy groups for Burmese minorities living in Thailand.