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  • Educational programs for poverty stricken children in Asia

  • Medical and humanitarian programs for oppressed people in Asia

  • International conferences, campaigns, and educational forums on human rights issues in Asia

  • Training programs for the future human rights activists of Asia

  • Research, reports, and publications on human rights issues in Asia

Human Asia is recognized as a non-profit organization by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. Donations made to Human Asia by individuals and/or corporations are eligible for tax exemption under paragraph 24 of Korean corporate tax law.


  1. You will be eligible for a tax deduction during your year-end tax settlement.

  2. You will receive Human Asia’s online newsletter and the reports it publishes.

  3. You will be invited to various events held by Human Asia, including human rights forums, educational programs, and academic conferences.

  4. You can will be able to contact human rights NGOs in Asia and support their activities.

  5. You will receive a discount on event entry fees as well as on books published by Human Asia.

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Donate Your Talent

Please share the gift of yourself with us and help bring more happiness to the world!

Everyone’s time is valuable, and anywon can easily make a difference my sharing his/her time and talent. In the past, for example, a university student majoring in desing has helped us by a donation box, and students and interpreters talented in languages are constantly helping us with interpretation and translation.

Human Asia is wating for warm-hearted participants who want to share their own gifts and talents.

Here are a few stories about the contributions ordinary people have made to Human Asia. Please take a look!

If you are interested in donating your talent, please fill out the application form below and send it to humanasia@humanasia,rog


Let us introduce ‘HUMA dolls’, which is Human Asia’s mascot and symbol of shring.
What is HUMA dolls?

‘HUMA’ is the abbreviation of Human Asia, and this ‘HUMA Doll’ is our mascot, symbolizing the value of sharing. There are two kinds of dolls, ‘HUMA Boy’ and ‘HUMA Girl’, and we create them not only to raise awareness of the serious human rights problems of Nepali children, but also to conduct humanitarian assistane through donations. ‘HUMA Dolls’ was a donation campaign that launched to support the Nepal Children’s Center during 2011-2012.

It’s about

  • Human Asia has supported the Badikhel Kathmandu Children’s Center (KBCC) that protects and educates orphans and underprivileged, neglected children in Nepal.
  • Badikhel, located in the outskirt of Kathmandu(Nepal), is a mountainous rural region where Pahari people gather and live together. This is a place where basic human rights, including education, are not guaranteed, as the Pahari people have experienced exploitation and discrimination from the upper classes. Parents are afflicted with grueling work to maintain living standards, causing large numbers of children to be abandoned or neglected. Human Asia supports the KBCC in protecting about 130 orphans, abandoned, and neglected children. We are protecting the right to life by providing meals and basic education to these children who are desperately in need.
  • Thereby, Human Asia has launched the HUMA Doll Campaign, We are willing to protect these children’s rights by improving their quality of life through fundraising and sending dolls as gifts.
What is HUMA dolls campaign?

Every child has the right to be protected and educated, as well as the right to play. However, KBCC children were not able to enjoy these rights. The HUMA dolls campaign is aiming to provide these children with opportunities to receive protection, a balanced diet and basic education. You can adopt a HUMA Doll by purchasing the doll making kit for 20,000won. The donations made by purchasing the kit (minus the cost of materials) will be used to provide the KBCC children who we support with basic foods and rudimentary education. It is a good opportunity for participants to get in touch with donation culture more easily by escaping from material donations, receiving basic training on human rights, and directly running campaigns. Please give hope to the Children in Nepal!


Phēri, Nepal Bracelets’ 

What are Phēri, Nepal Bracelets’?

In Nepal, a bracelet is an everyday accessroy that people wear with the belief that it will protect them from disasters. The pheri Nepal bracelets are made by donors with that same hope, who desire that the children who experienced devastating earthquakes will never have to deal with such terrible disasters again. Along with this, the bracelet also serves as a connecting point between donors and children. It delivers hope and courage to the children, ensuring that someone is always with them.

The Pheri Nepal bracelets are made with mini beads and beading thread.
  • House-shaped stones represent new houses that will be built for the children in Nepal, in hopes that they will be durable and safe.
  • Round stones indicate the sun in Nepal’s flag, along with the desire for the reconstruction of Nepal.
Each Color of the Pheri Nepal bracelets has various meanings.
  • White : [Windows] through which one can see the blue sky.
  • Indigo : [Door] protecting children from various dangerous crimes
  • Reddish brown (Auburn) : [Sturdy bricks] protecting children from typhoons and disasters
  • Yellow ; [Roof] protecting children from rain during rainy seasons
  • Pink : [Blanket] to warm children from the vast temperature differences in Nepal.
Nepal struck by its worst disaster in 81 years!

Local residents and children of Badikhel are devastated from the powerful earthquake that killed 9000 people on April 25th 2015. The earthquake destroyed not only the regional office of Human Asia, but also many of the children’s homes. Not only this, but these children also are exposed to a higher risk of infectious diseases and human trafficking because of the time spent on the streets. Because of these great concerns, we have launched the second project of Love for Nepal: Pheri, Nepal Campaign. Through this campaign, we hope we can provide safer and stronger homes to children who are in need of urgent help. We will continuously support them with the donations made through the Pheri Nepal bracelets fundraising with the goal of.