Human Asia dreams of an open Asia where every individual can lead the dignified life that s/he deserves as a human being.


Human Asia’s ultimate aim is to establish a regional human rights protection mechanism, a common ground and forum where sustainable promotion of human rights in Asia is pursued.
Founder Benjamin H. Yoon (Founder of Amnesty International Korea )
President Changrok Soh (Professor, Korea University Graduate School of International Studies)
Advisor Joon Oh (former South Korean Ambassador to UN, Professor at Kyung Hee Univ.)
Surya Deva (Professor at Hong Kong City University)
Jaseung Koo (Director, Ernst & Young Advisory )
Somi Kwon
Kap-You Kevin Kim (Partner, Bae, Kim & Lee LLC)
Donghyuk Kim
Min-Seo Kim (Peofessor of Kyungbuk National University)
Sooyoung Kim
Young-Ja Kim (Director, Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights)
Jung-Sik Kim (President, Easta Investment)
Jong-Yeop Kim (President, Intrans Shipping Co)
Hyuk Kim (Professor of Public Administration, University of Seoul)
Hokeun Ryu (Lawyer, Kim & Chang)
Jaekyung Shim (Professor of Korea University)
Chang Hee Soh (President of Kolon Foundation)
Ki-Woong Yang (Professor, Hallym University)
Hyekyung Oh (CEO of Hyocheon Hospital)
Dr. Daewoong Yun (Seoul Duke Clinic)
Seony Lee (President, TTC Edu)
Yong Jin Lee (President, Hwasung Chemical Corp)
Jaecheon Lee (President of CDC Children’s Dental Clinic)
Jinyoung Lee
Jinhwa Lee (Standing Committee Member of Health and Social Affairs, Seoul Metropolitan Council)
Sara Lim
Yu Chul Rhim (President, H&Q Korea)
Dr. Keunho Chang (Mirae Otorhinolaryngology)
Dongjin Chang (Executive Director of Powermax)
Seungho Jang (CEO, Lexus Joongbu)
Myoungok Esther Jeon (Director of Chungdam Shop, Louis Quatorze)
Seong Yoon Jung (Research Professor at Korea University)
Kang-Ho Jhe (Attorney, Kim, Chang & Lee)
Yoonyoung Cho (Professor of Choong-Ang University)
Yongno Jo (President & CEO of NeoMio Corp)
Youn Suk Ji (Honorary Senior managing Director of Kyobo Life)
Kyung Kyu Choi (Professor at Dongguk University)
Youjung Hwang (Chairperson of Korean League of Women Voters)
Wonhee Hwang
Taehee Hwang (Prof. of Korea University)
Auditor Youngwan Kim (Research Professor, Global Research Institute, KUGSIS)
Jongku Yoon (President of Yoon’s Accounting Firm)
Consultant Euihwan Cho (President, Design54 Director, Visual Information Design Association of Korea)