Human Asia dreams of an open Asia where every individual can lead the dignified life that s/he deserves as a human being.


Human Asia’s ultimate aim is to establish a regional human rights protection mechanism, a common ground and forum where sustainable promotion of human rights in Asia is pursued.

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Asia is the world’s largest continent with around 4 billion people, or about 60% of the world’s population, residing in its 48 countries. It is also a place where an extremely wide variety of ethnic groups, religions, and cultures come together to live. At the same time, while Asia ranks second after Europe in number of top 10 economies, it is also a place where many people continue to suffer from extreme poverty.

With the huge gap between rich and poor, Asia is home to the greatest number of impoverished people in the world. Moreover, various human rights issues persist throughout Asia, including civil wars, religious conflicts, human trafficking, forced labor, sexual exploitation, sexual discrimination, caste systems, and refugee and immigrant issues.

Founded in January 2006, is striving to establish a regional human rights protection system, a type of system that is lacking only in Asia, and to realize the peaceful coexistence of the diverse culture of Asia. In order to improve human rights in Asia, Human Asia carries out human rights advocacy activities and campaigns, organizes field activities with humanitarian aid, coordinates educational and training programs to nurture young human rights activists, and regularly publishes human rights reports. We will continue to devote ourselves to create an “open and human-oriented Asia” free from any kind of discrimination, as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We ask for your active participation and support in building a better and brighter Human Asia. Let us spread the light of human rights across Asia!

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Our Objectives

Human Asia aims to strengthen respect for human rights across Asia by conducting research to establish a regional human rights protection system in Asia, educating and training young rights activists, and collaborating with governments and members of civil society.